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Cat October

Cat025- 9 swords cat return

 According to the myth, it says that a samurai cat have nine lives, each represent by one sword.

*No print, i tried to stick as close as possible to the old version.

 Cat026- Lady Gingyo ( Lady Goldfish) 金鱼夫人

 Beauty Cat series, Lady Gingyo~

Stranger Kid

KHD010 - Stranger Kid/怪奇少女

Inspired by Netflix's Stranger Things.
(*Print will not be available for the time-being)

Panda Revolution XXXV

 PR035 - Panda Revolution XXXV - Three Pandastronaut Moon

Inspired by the famous t-shirt "3 wolves moon".

CARPe Noctem

Cat024- CARPe Noctem 

Things are happening around us everyday, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Seize the night!