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Lone Wolf & Little Red Cub

Inspired by Japan manga and films, " Lone Wolf & Cub" and with a twist of little red riding hood. Trying something different from my usual style and hope you like.

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The Floating World

The Floating World

The floating world or Ukiyo-e in Japanese is a genre style of painting and printmaking developed in the olden Japan referring to the transient pleasures and freedom from the concerns of everyday world.

Here I tried to portrait the meaning "floating world" , a half sphere of world floating in the sea/water.
Created with traditional brushes, sumi-e ink and photoshop.

Close up and details available at

Ice Terror

Ice Terror 

Based on ice climber, a classic NES video game developed by Nintendo during the winter of 1984.

“Hammering your way in game is possible but probably its not going to work in real life. Terror is out there in reality.”

 Poster/print version is available at facebook print catalogue.