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The Wood With The Dragon Carving


Week 13:
The Wood With The Dragon Carving

Inspired by the movie title " The girl with the dragon tattoo." heee.
Not only that girl had dragon tattoo on her body.

6 colors on Fatigue or Slate tee.

Tumblr :

Rise! Rise! Rising Sun! Tee

Week 12:

An artwork for japan. Be strong and rise again , rising sun! Its a remade from the illustration of the same title on a tee shirt. I will donate part of the win if this got printed. Do give me your support if you like it. Thanks.

Thanks for your vote. I hope will keep my promise if this get printed. :D

Rescue Dawn

Week 11
Rescue Dawn
Inspired by Contra (魂斗羅), a video game series produced by Konami debuted in 1987. This design is based on the boss of Area 3 in the NES version.

And remember "Fill what's empty, empty what is full and scratch where it itches."

Pre-Order of Poster will be available soon, please like me in Facebook Oh and details of artwork is also available in my Facebook now.

*My apologies for the ugly watermark, many of my artworks had been stolen & sold by thieves in China.

Rise! Rise! Rising Sun!

Going to put aside what have been stolen, had been stolen. There's more terrible things happening around the world. Anyway, my future posting (beside my tee design) will be like this & i am terribly sorry about it but i hope you still like it. :D

Week 10-2 Special :

An artwork i made for Japan. Be strong and rise again, rising sun!

You can make donation to help japan.
Below are a list of charities you may wish to donate to, for the relief fund of the Japan Tsunami & Earthquake.



Salvation Army USA

Americian Red Cross


Mass stolen design again

Received this mail from someone yesterday.

Link to stolen works.

Even my mosaic monkey!!!

Link to stolen works 2.

Taobao is really a place where all the thieves gathered and are protected from stealing.

I thought by putting a bigger watermark and a smaller image will help me in stopping those ASSSESSS thieves from China from stealing my arts!!!As a Chinese,  I seriously blamed those thieves (798 Brother campshit and yeshulin shit ) for giving a bad reputation and name to all Chinese around the world. Shame on you.

Right now, I can only pull my hair and suck it up.
Sorry guys, i guess i will be posting a much more smaller image with a BIGGEST watermark.
They are really skilled thieves.

Tree bark

(on cream)

Week 10:
Tree bark

Oh yah! They do. Woof woof~
*warning* Do not climb tree , they bark.

Bad Flu

Week 9:
Bad flu

*Warning bad flu are most likely to make you sneeze up others identity.

This design is inspired from the famous sneezing panda video.
Since I'm not able to get my panda posters up for sale, i hope this design will be able to make it for sale as a tee.

Do give me your support by voting a $5 on the design. Thanks.

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