Saturday, December 31, 2011


Blog Banner collection 2011

Blog Banner from January to September.

Alright 2012 is coming soon and a new era is about to begin (hopefully not the last).
New Year mean new goals to achieve, and new resolution to be made.

In 2011, things and works turned out to be rough and pretty unstable. I tried to create a design/illustration every week and managed to create 24 artworks continuously, most of it were submitted to tee competition but unfortunately all had failed to be selected as a print. The most disappointing things is 3 of the big companies in the world had approached me this year but in the end, decided to go with someone else. Boohoo!~!~!

On the bright side, i started to sell my own posters this year through channels like facebook, blog and other social media and had managed to sell a total of 105 so far. That's not bad actually but of course, i can't do it without you. Thanks for supporting the real panda revolution created in Singapore. Those you find in China are just copycat.

Please kindly note*
I'm not from China, and Singapore is an independent country just like USA or Taiwan or Malaysia and not part of China.

Other then that, I'm glad that i had submitted my designs to Teefury & Woot which helped to bring my work to a broaden audience. In fact, one of the design from teefury made it into Tosh.0.

Pandastronaut tee printed by teefury on Tosh.0.
Watch "03:10" of this video. Yeah! This is the Panda Revolution!

Last but not least, I am married now and a new journey of life had began.

New Year Resolution for this 2012

My resolution for this year is pretty same as last year, work more harder, get thinner ( by weight and not strands of hair )and earn more. lol.

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2012 and see you in 2013 if the Mayan calender is not the end! May all your resolutions come true! Peace to the world!


puyou said...

Cannot believe none of your t-shirts were selected. I have seen many designs, but your work is stunning! Regarding these big companies, well, that happens sometimes to everybody, including myself, but I0'm sure sooner or later you'll find the right companies to succeed. In the meanwhile, it's always good to make things by yourself, make your own products. You have a LOT of potential.

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks puyou. :D