Thursday, December 08, 2011

the 100th sold

the 100th poster sold

Just sold my 100th piece of poster/print and i'm currently posting some of the artworks, things and stuffs from my workplace.

Panda revolution VI could be my most hot favorite artwork ever!

Every now & then, someone will email me regarding where to get the postcard size of my work as they had saw it in the shops in the street of China and they didn't want to get it due to the "Poorly" written English sentence in it, and every now and then, I will reply them that , “It’s a stolen artwork of mine!"

Now if you ever see this work in China, I need to emphasize that this is not created in China. It was stolen! They are not created by the 798 bitches and brothers in the Art Street of Beijing either. These peoples are not even fitted to call themselves “Artist." They are just plain "robbers" .

Anyway, thanks for supporting me all this times.
Thank you (^∇^)>!

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