Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bountiful Catch

Bountiful Catch

Week 25 Last update:
Bountiful Catch

This samurai cat is inspired by Japan samurai warrior , Date Masamune (伊達 政宗) or better known as the one eye dragon (独眼竜) from Sengoku period and originally created for Cattoo 3 ( cat+tattoo).

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Panda Revolution 2046

Panda Revolution 2046

Ever wonder whats the panda revolution going to be in future?

Week 24:
Panda Revolution 2046
The future is in your hands.

I will officially stop creating "one design per week" after "week 25" because life happens and I'm going to be busy dealing with it for a while. I will be still creating design but only not once a week.

I sincerely thank you for your supports over the past 6 months. Thanks for voting for me in those various tee competitions i participated in and apologies as none have been selected to be printed on tee. Lady luck has not been smiling at me.
Nevertheless, it stills a good try for me as I have experimental different style and pushed myself to create 1 every week. It’s not an easy task and I really need to salute those that create 1 per day.

Lastly, I wanted to thank all who have purchased prints from me, until today I have sent out a total of 45 prints (and counting) in past 2 months time. It’s probably not a lot to some but to me it’s a lot of supports. I never thought I can sell this much so thank you all so much.(* I don’t want to make it sound like I’m leaving lol) That's all.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Featured in mypapers

Fairitizemyart featured in local newspaper, my paper [我报]

Translated in english:

Urashima ( by Xiaobaosg)
Xiaobaosg is an Illustrator who is good at drawing panda. This time, he make use of Japan folklore , " Urashima Taro" to tell the story of Panda who saved a big sea turtle while fishing.

Panda feel that it's a cruel things to kill the million old turtle, hence decided to let the sea turtle free. And because of that Panda was rewarded to visit the dragon palace and was well treated by the dragon princess. ( story not by me , the newspaper retold it themself)