Monday, June 06, 2011

Great Yu controls the flood

Great Yu controls the flood

Week 22:

Great Yu controls the flood ( 大禹治水)

Based on a Chinese mythology about Yu the Great (大禹 ), the legendary founder of the Xia Dynasty who is best remembered for teaching the people techniques to tame rivers and lakes during an epic flood occurred in an event generally known as Great Yu controls the flood.

Here's a bigger version of the artwork, i decided to post this artwork because the exhibition Fairtizemyart is coming to the end in June. Hurry up! Join us at "TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto “The Gallery” 51 Circular Road, Singapore" now.

This is a good theme to explore, i will do more panda X Fairytale soon.


I'm trying my best to post a design or a illustration very week. Facebook will be the first place where i post my artworks so "like"  me now.

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Craig Phillips said...

Sweet Illo! Love it.