Sunday, April 24, 2011

Panda Revolution X

 Panda Revolution X
 Week 15:

Panda Revolution X ( Unrated version)
My Flag, My Revolution and My shadow.

Inspired by China & Soviet Union's Propaganda poster. The writing below mean "Please support The Real Panda Revolution and strongly suppress pirated product from 798 brothercamp and Yeshulin's mei hua brand."

This is the first from the series that is not cute but bloody. For most of you who had been following Panda Revolution closely, you probably knew that it have been fiercely stolen and sold by the thieves from China in this couple of years and recently from Thailand. My works had been made into wallet, bag, mouse pad, ugly tee shirt, cup and etc... You can say I'm getting in the franchise lines but the sad thing is i don't get paid for my creation.

Anyway, this piece is specially created for the thieves from China. They had stolen my works and sold it as their own online. Yes, they might had benefited from my works but they will never step out from my shadow as most of you know that I'm the real creator and whatever they are doing right now is a kind of a promotion for me.

Lastly, for you out there regardless of races who believe in rights and justice, I hope you can help me to write in to taobao. My friends and I have been emailing their copyright team to remove the stolen artworks. They themselves had told us that their are a legal site and will not hesitate to remove any stolen artworks in their site. Until today, even after numerous numbers of emails and reporting of stolen artworks from my friends and me taobao had yet to remove any stolen artworks and they do not believe that I’m the original creator. I feel that they shouldn’t proclaimed themselves as a legal site as whatever the legal team in is doing is irresponsible and not professional.

If you can do me a favor, please write in to this guy "Ding xian" from, his email is and let him know who the real creator behind panda revolution. Flooding his mail is optional. Thanks.




最后,我恳请您的帮助,以您办得到的方式通知这一位掏宝网的 "定闲",告知他谁才是革命熊猫真正的原创作者!他的电邮是。在此我先感谢您.
 *感谢shawn siow的中文解说

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