Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mass stolen design again

Mass stolen designs.

Received this mail from someone yesterday.

Link to stolen works.

Even my mosaic monkey!!!

Link to stolen works 2.

Taobao is really a place where all the thieves gathered and are protected from stealing.

I thought by putting a bigger watermark and a smaller image will help me in stopping those ASSSESSS thieves from China from stealing my arts!!!As a Chinese,  I seriously blamed those thieves (798 Brother campshit and yeshulin shit ) for giving a bad reputation and name to all Chinese around the world. Shame on you.

Right now, I can only pull my hair and suck it up.
Sorry guys, i guess i will be posting a much more smaller image with a BIGGEST watermark.
They are really skilled thieves.


M. N. Navarro said...

this is terrible. isn't there a way to stop this. It really makes me angry to see other people stealing hard work.

xiaobaosg said...

M. N. Navarro - Its very hard in fact nothing we can do.

William said...

true2, I agree, even the hardest most complicated watermark can still be removed. =S

And they are from different country, which makes it hard to commence a legal action.

what a shame, even i as a huaren

xiaobaosg said...

William- Yup. They really given us a bad impression to others.