Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spectacle(d) Caiman

Spectacle(d) Caiman

Week 2:
Spectacle(d) Caiman
A crocodilian reptile found in Central and South America.
It lives in a range of lowland wetland and riverine, often found reading by the riverside or riverbank, hence it is short-sighted and wears spectacles. That's why it is named Spectacle(d) Caiman.(according to xiaobaosg) 
Its does looked like a nerd but definitely not a chicken.

(*TT*)/ \(*TT*)

5 colors , optional wording.
Best on cream , sand and yellow


Connie said...

Did he eat the chicken?

Coreopsis said...

What a delightful illustration--so much character! No, definitely NOT a chicken (though he might like to eat one)......

MIKE said...

croc's in sunnies... very nice.

xiaobaosg said...

Connie - yes i guess. :x

Thanks Coreopsis & Mike

Ces said...

Tastes like chicken? Hahahah!