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The Real Panda Revolution Vs The Pirated

The Real Panda Revolution

"Sometimes it is necessary to rebel in order to survive.."

Panda Revolution is now available for sale @ S2snation
Grab a piece now!
Not only you can get the Organic tee but you can help to save the nature and do charity.

The Pirated
And next... I got an email yesterday that my Panda Revolution is ripped off and mass produced in China , Beijing by this fXXker ( The ripped off products is currently selling online and offline on streets in Beijing and more...

Nice~ Live traced and renamed to Timeless Fashion !!
It seem like they're having a good times selling my design. They are producing it in mass production!! Fock!

Ripped Off

Ripped Off

Ripped Off



I know there's nothing i can do about it as ripping off is too common in China and its becoming a culture.


If you're love the works of Panda Revolution , if you're a supporter of Panda Revolution. Please support the…

Hunting Season Pre Order

*A2 220GSM Matt Print.
Pre-order over, thanks everyone who had ordered from me, your orders are on the way.
The price is88USD58USDholiday offer now. This is a limited print of 168 copies to be sold worldwide and there will be no reprint after stocks run out.

Shipping will estimate to take 4 days- 5 weeks depending on where you stay. You are responsible for any import duties or taxes that may be imposed by your country’s customs department.

Email me if you had any enquiry or if you prefer to pay by telegraphic bank transfer. Stay tune for new poster at


Monster again

A collabration with saltyshadow"based on a Chinese mythology, about “Nian” ( which means “Year” in English ), a furious monster that lived in the ancient time. Nian was born to be very ugly and ferocious, which looked like either dragons or unicorns. It is believed that around the Spring Festival, the monster would come down from the sky to hunt people."

Here we had kind of twisted the story to our version that the monster " Nian" had actually descended from the Sky like a shooting star.

We decided to re submit this design to Threadless. Do vote for us if you like it.
Click to vote!!

Tokyo Love

Strychnin Gallery presents:
Tokyo Love. A Japanese Group Show curated by Yasha Young.

Date & Time:
Starting from September 10th 2010 at 7 pm to October 3rd 2010.
Opening times: Thursday‐ Sunday 12 noon ‐ 6 pm.

Strychnin Gallery
Boxhagenerstr. 36 Miriam
10245 Berlin

Nanami Cowdroy, Hush, Nishi, Shohei Otomo, Guy McKinley, Imaone, Xiao Bao, Tom Kristensen & Brian Horton.

"Traditional Japanese art can be characterized by the use of strong, technically perfect lines and attention to detail. From the carefully prescribed movements of Butoh dance, the elegant sweep of calligraphy, to the Ukiyo‐e woodblock prints of Hiroshige, all these art forms exhibit great
elegance and precision. These elements have carried on into the Anime and Manga of popular culture, as can be seen echoed in the neon of Tokyo billboards and the refined lines of modern design..." Read more at the official site.

Do give your supports if you live in Berlin. ^_^

Fixing The Sky

on oatmeal tee.

Collabration with saltyshadow

Based on a Chinese Mythology about the Goddess of creation ( Nu Wa ) who restored the order of universe and saved the world from destruction by fixing the hole in the sky with magic stones.

Design is up for vote in DBH , please give us your vote if you like it. Thanks.


Design best on White and Oatmeal tee.