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The Third UK International Manga Art Show

Following the popular and artistic success of the first two International Manga Art Shows Fairfields curated, one of which then went on to tour to the North of England, Fairfields is very pleased to curate ‘The Third UK International Manga Art Show’ this year.

This exhibition is very much about manga which is art, and also about manga influenced art.

Manga is now very much an international phenomenon, a very successful cultural export. Although essentially a Japanese art form, this exhibition has work by manga artists from all over the world, including Japan, China, Canada, the USA, Singapore and the UK. As an art form it requires both the traditional ability to draw well, and also a high standard of software skill
This is the second times that i had participated in this exhibition.
The exhibition was held in Fairfields Arts Centre on Monday 7th June to Saturday 10th July 2010.

New Mario Poster WIP

Shit happen!
Re-doing the poster due to the hard disk crashed so basically the colors will be different from the previous one. Anyway , this is like more than 50 percent done.

I will tried to finish it by August and probably start a pre order on August 18th. Its going to be printed on A2 220-250GSM paper.

Stay tune if you are interested. ^_^