Friday, June 11, 2010

Art of Beauty

Art Of Beauty
1. Massage

Art Of Beauty 2
2. Manicure or Nail(s) Art

Art Of Beauty 3
3. Facial

Master and Servant
1-1. Tattoo shown in massage illustration

This is a project i did for the brochures for Ikeda Spa.

It's pretty much a try out of Ukiyoe ( old japanese woodprint ) style on modern brochures.
I have not seem the final outcome but i think it does look good. (^ ^)

At the beginning , we wanted to create a tough yet sexy looking Geisha with body art but later decided to cut down/hide it as its for a spa rather a tattoo shop. Heeee..
Anyway , if you are interested you can refer to this link to view those unused tattoo designs.

Until then...Ja..
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