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Taiwan Trip 2010

Took a short break at the beginning of May to Taiwan.

(Taipei Main Station)

(Tea-pot rock at Jing Gua Shih)

World First and only Life Size Doramon's Diorama at Window on China

(Night shot at Xi Men Ding)

( The Cingshui Cliffs)

( Taroko National Park )

( Taipei Zoo)

( There's something in your a**)


I'm going to Rulez the world!!
(Very interesting set of notebooks from Stephen Chow's "Kungfu Hustle")

Lastly, some illustration and comic books.
( Here's some random photo(s) from the trip , probably you had seen it in my facebook already. )

Anyway, I will start doing some personal stuffs soon....i had been resting ever since i came back from holiday. Haaa... ( ^ ^)b

Until then...

The Revolutionary Tattoo

Panda Revolution on flesh.
Cheers to Jessica Casey~! Awe~