Friday, December 31, 2010


Banner collection 2010

Here's 4 banners created for this blog in 2010.

From bottom to top:
March , September , October and November banner. Not very productive this year. :D

I wanted to create a website this year but well, I'm kind of lazy and very use of doing the blog things....maybe i will do it sometime ..someday...

In 2010, everything turn out pretty well for the first half of the year and turned to a total flopped in the later half. (>へ<;)

On the positive side, i managed to sell my poster for the first time and will be planning to do more own products in future.
New Year Resolution for this 2011

In 2011, i just hope things and works will go with a steady and calm state. I will be moving out to live on my own and some big events of a lifetime will be commencing. ( ^ ▽ ^;)

My resolution for this year should be work harder, get thinner and earn more. lol.
Best wishes to everyone.

Live long and prosper.
Happy New Year 2011! 

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