Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

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This is my 2nd collaboration with Yeoh GH.
Design is based on the Japanese folktale, " The Crane Wife."

"He is shocked to discover that at the loom is a crane plucking feathers from her own body and weaving them into the loom. The crane after seeing him, flies away and never returns."

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The morale of the story is not to peep your wife when she told you not to. (^∇^)


Ryan said...

Beautiful colours :)

xiaobaosg said...

thanks Ryan~

Liz Schütz said...

what a beautiful illustration! i love the delicacy of the lines and colours. Are you selling the tshirts?

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks Liz. This was actually created for an online tee competition, hopefully it will be sell as a tee.

Tante B said...

Wow, beautiful!!