Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tattoo Extreme Magazine

Remember the very first set of tattoo(s) i created a while ago for a freelance project?

Somehow it caught the eye of an editor from a Taiwan Tattoo Magazine and they decided to give me a full featured on their magazine and an interview to introduce me to the folks in Taiwan. I might said I'm very lucky that my first creation got me all this. Amazing~!!
In return , i decided to give them a full interview in Chinese. Although i speak Chinese all the times but when it come to typing in Chinese, its never failed to give me a hell of times.

刺青極限雜誌 Tattoo Extreme Magazine Sept. Edition

Tattoo Extreme Magazine

Tattoo Extreme Magazine
"Release the dimension of Vintage and UkiyoE style"

Tattoo Extreme Magazine

Tattoo Extreme Magazine

Tattoo Extreme Magazine

Tattoo Extreme Magazine

I haven't got my copies of magazine, all this photos is taken by a friend who brought it in Jingmen, China. More updates soon...


the_JCW said...

very very cool. You artwork justifies a full feature in many magazines. Congrats

sociopata antropofaga said...

i WAAAAAAAAANT iiiiiiiiit

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks JCW bro.

Heee thanks socipata antropfaga.

William said...

wow cool blog you have here. you are an artist?