Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Real Panda Revolution Vs The Pirated

The Real Panda Revolution

Panda Revolution Tee

Panda Revolution Original Tee

"Sometimes it is necessary to rebel in order to survive.."

Panda Revolution is now available for sale @ S2snation
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Not only you can get the Organic tee but you can help to save the nature and do charity.

The Pirated
And next... I got an email yesterday that my Panda Revolution is ripped off and mass produced in China , Beijing by this fXXker ( The ripped off products is currently selling online and offline on streets in Beijing and more...

China Company Ripped off Panda revolution

Nice~ Live traced and renamed to Timeless Fashion !!
It seem like they're having a good times selling my design. They are producing it in mass production!! Fock!

Ripped Off

Ripped Off

Ripped Off



I know there's nothing i can do about it as ripping off is too common in China and its becoming a culture.


If you're love the works of Panda Revolution , if you're a supporter of Panda Revolution. Please support the real Panda Revolution!

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