Thursday, April 15, 2010



Panda X Tattoo

This is the first Tattoo design i created for a freelance project. Well~ somehow it got rejected and so here is it....

PanToo 2

Panda X Tattoo

This is the 2nd design of the series. Well~ Its didn't really get rejected but almost there , only 20 percent of the tattoo is shown in the drawing...heee~!

*The name for this neko is from Shaman_King

Cat X Tattoo

This is the 3rd one.

I have created a total of 4 designs and only the last one got approved. Anyway, all this tattoo(s) are meant to decorate the illustration so they are not really the main focus. I will update more on this project once everything is done.

I haven't been submitting any artworks for the past 1-2 months as there's a few projects going on at the same time so i hope you like this latest update.

Also , some artworks which i created for London Zoo last year is currently exhibited in the Zoo right now so if you are living in England , London . Do give some supports. Heee.

Lastly , you can join my facebook fanpage for more latest update. I tend to update more at the fanpage ... ^_^



Elena said...

I want a Panda tattoo now :)

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