Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Taming of the wolf R

Taming of the wolf V2

Adapted from The Red riding hood. :D

Reworked on the clothing and resubbed to Lafraise.
*It had been selected and will be printed in Lafraise soon. Thanks everyone that had voted for this design. <--click me

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Panda Revolution VII

What to do with unused artwork?
Remade it.

This is long overdue .. Panda Revolution 7!

Panda Revolution VII

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Panda-ism will live!
"Panda Lived, Panda Is Alive, Panda Will Live forever."
Inspired by the Russian Propaganda Poster. ^_^


Crossing The Great Mountains

Crossing the great mountains along with the many great designs from Lafraise 15k contest will be exhibited at Lafraise 15k Exhibition by West Berlin Gallery from September 11th to 27th. Print is available for sale.

Flyer for Feinheit

Feinheit is a graphic-design/web company based in Zurich, Switzerland. In September, they will be turning 3! And so, I was commissioned to design their flyer for their 3rd Year Anniversary party/event.

"The idea is Elephants (also their company mascot) dominating the world!"

From Lenin to Gandhi...
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(references and sketches)

-At the beginning, I came out with propaganda ideas of Lenin (below).

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- And later, was requested to make some changes, still sticking with the propaganda ideas but a holy image, Gandhi . ^_^ ( below)

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- Once approved, I added in more details and colored it in Photoshop. Also made some changes as requested. ^_^

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And we are done! ^_^

"Frames with chinese letters
Left top: Let's celebrate
Left bottom:
Happy birthday
Right top:
Moving towards the future"

It was pretty fun creating this flyer. I was given a lot of freedom while working out this illustration for them and the guys at Feinheit are really a group of fun loving and generous peoples. I’m glad they loved it and had allowed me to post this today.

Thanks guys! ^_^