Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hunting Season

Hunting season

Hunting Season

Illustration created for Uberbooks's Designers Games Remix based on my favorite game from the 80s "Super Mario Bros" and inspired by Capcom latest game " Monster hunter."

I will update once the book its released for sale.

Uber Books is a recently established , highly sophisticated and creative division of traditional publisher AS in Germany.They will be releasing creative books internationally to showcase what they consider best works from designers and illustrator from all over the world.
August 20th 2010

Pre- Order of poster is now available.



I am much surprised that this illustration i did was featured in renowned sites and blogs after my posting yesterday .The numbers of page views on my blog and FlickR was insanely high and a few Mario fans ( i presumed ) had emailed me wondering about the Trex in the illustration. That's will be Yoshi in case you want to know.
(You can also click on the illustration to my flickr link with explanation on the Japanese Kanji.)

Lastly , I like to thanks all this sites for their feature:

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All links are taken from my sitemeter. Apologies if i had miss out anyone.
Thanks everyone.

Friday, July 24, 2009

July stuff


(* photo poorly taken with Samsung phone)

My work for The Second UK International Manga Art Show 's booklet.

The exhibition will be shown again from 25th of July to 6th September at the DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, in Durham City. Don't miss it. ^_^

>> Teefury

Lords of the Cats

Lords of the cats tee which i submitted in Teefury a few weeks ago.
Brought 1 myself. (Archive)


Flags of their fathers

And lastly , flag of their fathers . The first from the Panda Revolution series that got printed. Currently up for sale & only 500 limited pieces of tee. Grab a piece while stock last.

Now available in lafraise & now they ships to North America.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Monster of the year

This is a collabration between saltyshadow and me "based on a Chinese mythology, about “Nian” ( which means “Year” in English ), a furious monster that lived in the ancient time. Nian was born to be very ugly and ferocious, which looked like either dragons or unicorns. It is believed that around the Spring Festival, the monster would come down from the sky to hunt people."

Here we had kind of twisted the story to our version that the monster " Nian" had actually descended from the Sky like a shooting star. And the process of making that took us almost a month...

Monster of the Year

We also run through a lot of mocked up for this design. This is just some of the remaining files i had on my comp. Mocking up is a killer.

On a brown tee.


& the black .

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Panda Revolution VI tee

Panda Revolution” is my personal work of mixing the cuteness of Panda with propaganda & vintage style. It had been running in the net since 2007 and this is the no.6 design from the series inspired by Chinese Cultural Revolution era.

Panda Revolution VI tee

I finally subbed Panda Revolution VI upon the many requests and its up for vote in DBH 10k. I hope you can go over , vote and comment on it. Thanks and appreciated it.
For the design , i have removed some wording and edited some elements to fix in the tee.