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The Great Panda Ride

Panda Revolution V 2
Inspiré par Napoléon passant le mont Saint-Bernard. :D
( Thanks to Adrian Easton for the Translation.)

This is the version 2 of Panda's ride.
Although the first version had received somewhat a good scoring but was not good enough for a print so i decided to retouch it again and submit it to Lafraise as they did a very good printing on the colorful life tee .

Now if you like this new version , hope you can go over to lafraise and drop me a vote
( a brown icon wallet would be cool.)

Click to vote for the Revolution!!

Thanks. :D

Basic Instinct

Basic instinct
Dog love to bite , cats love fishes.
On white or sliver grey tee.

It is up for voting in Threadless and I hope you can take a look at it and if you like it, sign up and give it a score and comment. Thanks in advance :D

Yes , this design is remade from The Big Appetite below.

The Big appetite

This is a sequel of the legendary cat from The big catch.

After having a big feast from the big fish he caught. Nothing had seemed to satisfy Nekotaro as his stomach is now as big as the universe.

Until one day, he came across a few koinobori(s) and ... he felt that finally he found something that can satisfied his need.

Next >>>

This is a new illustration I did for BU X HI 2 ([link]) and it will be taking part in "2009 Taiwan International Illustration Festival" and 武BU X HI侍 Bushi Painting Fair, in FIDI (Ximen, Taipei) in April, 2009.

Stay tune for it. :D

Battle in the East Sea

Nezha or Na Zha is a deity from Chinese mythology, this design is based on the classical tale of his battle with the third son of East Sea Dragon King .

Panda Revolution V as the cover page of Jagazine March 2009 - Issue #2.

Bu X Hi Goodies

for more info on the exhibition, click link. <---

Goodies & magazine from the Bu X Hi exhibition, just received it today.

(* interview from CK magazine)

Magazines and reports from China YOHO! Magazine & Malaysia CK Magazine. Unfortunately, CK magazine is no longer available in Singapore. ( ´ ^ `)
(*Luckily, i got the magazine from a very kind artist , flyingmouse)

Badges from the exhibition. Totally awesome stuffs. (゚∀゚)

And lastly , the compilation of prints of artworks from the exhibition. Totally kick arses work from various artists.

Thanks to Jubiyang for the Goodies and Hon lam (aka flyingmouse) for the magazine.