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Threadless Bestee Award for 2008


OK , i didn't get into the top 20th , hehe.
Anyway , thanks for voting for my designs, i really appreciated it a lot especially to Paul Jones & Lindsay for helping me to pull votes in their blog.

And for panda lover , the first panda design "Colorful life" will be printed in soon. I hope its a great new for you. Oh and thanks a lot for your votes on this design as well.


-Threadless is currently having a Bestee Award for 2008 .

You get to choose who wins the jaw-dropping $20,000 award for Design Of The Year!
All designs printed in 2008 are eligible. One (1) vote per registered user. First round of voting ends 1/19/09 at 10am CST.

I know my chance is slight but i still hope you can cast your vote for my design.,1557/hash,d056021e0c#february <---Link for Magic Paintbrush ( Feb 11th)

or,1557/hash,d056021e0c#december <-- Link For Big catch ( Dec 1s…

Banner Shuffle for Culturepush

Banner Shuffle for Culturepush.


3 weeks from now , We will be celebrating Chinese New Year.

I always thought it will cool to receive a UkiyoE kind of New Year card or E card.
At least something different from the usual type ( or maybe it's just me) ... :D

i know its a bit too early but still i want to wish you
"Abundance year after year" in advance.

Download it
If you like it , wanted to be different like me ( ha) , and if you want to send a copy to your friends and relatives during CNY.

Panda Revolution VI

First of all , a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to you!

It been a while since the last PR V which was made in July 2008. I had often received mails of complaint , concern and interest of the where about of the Panda Revolution and the new PR illustration from friends all over the world. So here it is , i give you...PR VI to kick off for Year 2009.


Revolutionary Wave
Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era

There's a total of 9 pandas in the illo which stand for 2009. "R" in the flag can stand for Revolution or Recession since 2009 its a recession year.

Hope you guys still like it and
"May the Revolutionary Wave bring you through the low tide of the year"