Thursday, May 28, 2009


Guitar fight at Gojo bridge

Guitar fight at Gojo bridge
DBH is having a contest on KISS and i decided to remake this into a tee design .:D

Design is inspired by Japanese folktales , the fight between Ushiwaka & Benkei at Gojo Bridge in Kyoto (Japan). I had changed it to a guitar fight and replaced Benkei with Gene Simmons.

Do give your vote if you like it. Thanks.

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Taming of the wolf

Taming of the wolf
Adapted from The Red riding hood.

It been done many times before but i just can't resist not to do it. ^_^!
I know its most probably not going to win but i just wanted to push myself on doing design and keep a regularly submission.

Please give your vote if you like it. Thanks

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yoon see said...

Wow! This is a lovely piece of art and it has adapted into another great medium: T-shirt.
I just can't resist this "red".
OK, brother william, I will cast a vote for you:)
All the best in your current and future undertakings!

damon said...

very cool

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks Sis yoon see and damon.

Scapricciatella said...

simply lovely =)

joseph's art and stuff said...

love both designs!

xiaobaosg said...

Hi thanks Scapricciatella and joseph