Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Last Supper

You might had seen him catching this and these !

The Big Catch X

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The Big Appetite
The Big Appetite

Now , he's back....
and he's going for something even bigger!!!

The last sequel of the trilogy.
The Last supper

The Last Supper Print Ver

The last supper sketch
1) sketch

The last supper sketch 1
2) cat sketch

The last supper 2
3) Added in the wave. Took me around 2 days to draw and traced everything again

The last supper 3
4) Testing the colors but i didn't quite like the blue scheme. :D

The last supper 4
5) Change the lineart into purple. As i want to followed the same colors scheme i used for THE BIG CATCH .

The last supper 5
6) Added in the wave color

The last supper 6
7) Added the splash and tattoo for the whale , cloud & halftones for the waves .

The last supper 1 color option
Alternate one color version

The last supper closeup
*Close up

The last supper creme
On creme

and the presentation done in a Japanese comic style. I hope you can give me your vote if you like it. Thanks :D

In this finale , the cat attempts to take the challenge to greatest heights by catching the imossbility & the biggest "fish" on earth. Will this be the last catch of his life?! :D

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