Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just arrived...

These just arrived at my doorstep. ( ゚∀゚)=b wow!!!
Maybe because of the weather , i thought the tee was just printed.
A little warm and hot feel. :D

Colorful life! The first panda design that got printed.
Available in Lafraise now.
(* thanks Kathrin from Lafraise for the tees. )

*I had a extra Men
Medium for this and the world tee, if you are already in my mailing list. You can choose to have one of this design if you wanted to , on my next win ( i don't know when, hehe ). Remember there's only 2 M size available. (´・ω・`)


LoLo said...

This t-shirt design is beautiful! I must buy one soon :D

myleftventricle said...

This design is amazing! I seriously have to buy it soon :D