Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Threadless Bestee Award for 2008


OK , i didn't get into the top 20th , hehe.
Anyway , thanks for voting for my designs, i really appreciated it a lot especially to Paul Jones & Lindsay for helping me to pull votes in their blog.

Colorful day

And for panda lover , the first panda design "Colorful life" will be printed in lafraise.com soon. I hope its a great new for you. Oh and thanks a lot for your votes on this design as well.


is currently having a Bestee Award for 2008 .

You get to choose who wins the jaw-dropping $20,000 award for Design Of The Year!
All designs printed in 2008 are eligible. One (1) vote per registered user. First round of voting ends 1/19/09 at 10am CST.

I know my chance is slight but i still hope you can cast your vote for my design.

http://www.threadless.com/bt/2008/vote,1557/hash,d056021e0c#february <---Link for Magic Paintbrush ( Feb 11th)


http://www.threadless.com/bt/2008/vote,1557/hash,d056021e0c#december <-- Link For Big catch ( Dec 1st )

Make a Child's dream come true. Vote now. :D


dendoo said...

hey! goodluck with the bestee thingy. i'll see if i can remember my password and give you a vote!

i'd like to ask if you would allow me to interview for this monthly interview thingy i do called "The Monthly Do | Interviews with dendoo"

I post it on Redbubble and my blog. I think it would be really good and you'd be the first guy I've ever interviewed. let me know if you want to do it. my email is on my blog i could email you the questions.

thanks much! dendoo

xiaobaosg said...

No problem , thanks dendoo.

Yup , email me your questions to xiaobaosg@gmail.com


dendoo said...

haha i'm such a dork I kept coming back to your site cause in my mind i'm thinking...this dude is supposed to do something for me but i couldn't think of it. then it hits me BAM i need to interview you! i'll send the questions by the end of this week. thanks much!!

xiaobaosg said...

No problem dendoo. :D

cake said...

Hi xiaobaosg

going to your blog, you have cool illustrations always reflect something of your culture.
It´s a shame about the competition but don´t matter, you are so talented and can win another.

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks cake. Cheers.