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Creativity is

Create life
Pretty much the same concept as the "Magic paintbrush " of bringing things to life.

For artists, illustrators and designers that "created something out of nothing and bringing things to life." That's creativity. :D
( Not sure if this illustration is too packed)

Colorful Life

"Creativity is about giving yourself ( or other's ) colors in life."

DBH 10K Submission

Koi Within

Experimental with watercolor . Wrap around design , hope you guys like it,

Submission for DBH 10k. Do give me your vote if you like it. Thanks. :D

If you noticed Fish had always been a subject, theme or background item for my design. I love fish quite a lot, love their daily routine (swim around, eat to rest or rest to eat lol) and carefree life. I do keep some at home, sometime I just sit down and watch them swim around in that pathetic fish tank when there's not much works.

Probably because by drawing fish and including them in my design had brought your attention to me. My first freelance, first won in threadless, first time exhibited in Art gallery and etc. There’s fish.

Guess fish is my lucky charm. :D

Panthera tigris
Collaboration with sloth

Green Tiger , the female samurai warrior of the West~

Do give us your vote as well. Thanks.


Deep Blue Sea
Kraken, the terrible sea monster of "Davy Jones" had been summoned to send the "Pearl" to a watery grave.

Re-submitted to DBH.

Panda's ride
Some of the guys had been asking me if i will be re-submitting this design again to competition so here it is. Go vote for it now. It's revolution's time (Hehe) . Thanks. <--Click to vote for Revolution


(print version)

(tee version)

The Big Catch
Inspired by my previous artwork , the story of Kintaro or "the Golden Boy" battling a giant carp.

Perhaps Legend didn't mentioned that Kintaro was actually a cat and he was battling a carp with a "kabuki" make up. Sail the fish, Neko ! :P

Do give me your supports by giving me a votes and comments . Thanks and totally appreciated it. :D <-- Catch me here

Where is the love?(revamped)
"A day in the heaven is a year on earth. A second of waiting for my love to return is a lifetime of torture."

Added in water-colour for the water (blue)

and 2 re-sub in Lafraise
The Wild Band X
Snow Queen

Kitsune getting comforts

*tee version

*print version

Japanese Folktales speak of "Kitsune ( fox spirit) " employing the ability to trick others by portraying themselves as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives .

Sub for Threadless . Turn on your light , and " Poof" you might be surprise... :D <--

Getting Comforts
Inspired by the Fairy tales "The little matchstick girl ."

About a girl who dies selling matches on a wintry New Year's Eve.

Do give me your votes and comments. :D <--