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Phuket, Thailand

Centara Villas Phuket Hotel

Xb took a short trip to Phuket, Thailand last weekend ...

The Hotel ( villas) that we booked was built around tropical gardens, which sits high in the hills overlooking the majestic sweep of Karon beach. Well~ It's a very nice place just too many mosquitoes and insects.... :D

View from the balcony outside our villas..
Ouch* The mosquitoes attack again :C

The swimming pool

Karon Beach
About 10-15mins walk down from our hotel to Karon beach. Going down the beach was always easier ..

Under the Shade...
Beautiful sea , cool and refreshing coconut & :P
That's why i always love the sea .
I got heat stroke that few days... Ha~!

See You Next Summer....

Illustrator Practise 1

Illustrator Practice ~ Day 2

Finally started to practice drawing using Illustrator (*for a project) , i had always wanted to use illustrator for my artwork so i guess this is a very good chance/start for me to learn and earn at the same times. ( ^ ^)

Here's a lineart which i just did , it was kind of stiff and in a way not nice, ha. In fact , the lineart that you are seeing now is cleaned up with the help of Photoshop. Anyway , i will be keeping a daily updates on the practice and progress.

So if you're reading this and are a expert in Illustrator , do give me some advises , tips , comments or critics. Thanks.

Special Thanks to
Antz , Banes and Shawn for the advises .


Last year , we are invited to submit some artworks to Sandu Cultural Media(China) for their publication book "BOX 2" .

"The 2nd issue of BOX continues the success of the previous one. All the works are representative, as our principle of selecting works are their prominence, and they must have experienced baptism of time. When we are looking at the art pieces, we are supposed to be impressed by their artistic power. Therefore, we invited about 100 artists and collectives to take part in BOX, and divided the works into 5 categories, including comics, graffiti and installation, miscellaneous illustration as well as spots. Even the styles and genres are diverse; the works possess distinctive characteristics and are absolutely eye-catching."

The Book is out now.


Panda Revolution IV

( Click for background details )

My Revolution
Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era and mixture of some graffiti elements.

The bg was done for a freelance project back in 2005 and till today i haven't got the full payment from the client yet t( - -) t. Well, I'm always trying to find a good opportunity to use it for my artwork.

And finally ... :D


Mature content

*Please Leave if you are below 18. Don't say i didn't warn you :D....

Lineart by Terry
Colors by me

Collab 2 : Climax ( hidden dragon , crouching tiger)
Lineart by me
Colors by Terry

Collab 2 :
Terry almost did everything. My contribution is just the girl's poster in the background. Ha~

Submission to Grafuck 4
It's their 4th book and definitely, it's a submission that we (4playz) cannot miss. Hey~! We are still around, just that everyone is busy with their own stuffs. :D

Ore wa saisho kara (saigo made) kuraimakkusu da ze (I am, from the start (to the finish), at the climax)! ~ Momotaros Den O