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Synk Magazine

Months ago, I was contacted by Cara Williams , director of brand new Australian magazine, Synk to do the cover page for their issue two.

Synk Magazine( like Juice Magazine in Singapore) is a free, quarterly media outlet that focuses on music, art and popular culture and is fast developing a strong reputation throughout Australia after the first issue. They aim to provide their target market with works and information on up and coming artists from all over the world, as well as catering for young, local artists, in a means to escalate their status in their country.

Here's a snapshot of the magazine:

The next edition will be released on the 19th or 20th of January and will be distributed at the Melbourne Big Day Out .It will be distributed all throughout Melbourne, to various schools, cafe's bars, music venues, art galleries, shops etc.

Do remember to grab a copy for more information of music , art and pop culture if you are in Melbourne, Australia.

Year of Rat Part Two

Here's some photos of the illustrations i did , for the Chinese New Year Lights up event in Chinatown.
*The colours and the size of the 3 illustrations that i had posted will be totally different from the actual one.

Illustrations will be projected onto the building of Hotel 81 on this Saturday 19 Jan 2008. It will run till Mid Feb 2008 , 7pm- 12am (daily)


Link to last year event <<<

Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat

Concept of this illustration was based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin in a Asian style and a happy version. The rats was taken out from the actual illustration and replaced with some coins as you know that in the actual story , they were drown to death and Superstitious folk might not like it. :D

Rising Dragons

This is the 2ND design for the event .The direct translation mean two dragons play ball in English and i know it does not sound so pleasant so i titled it as Rising dragons here.

Spring of Elephants万象更新

The last one for event .

Evergreen trees and elephants are combined as a metaphor for nature. Evergreen trees are not only green all year round but also represent newness. Chinese pay great attention to the Spring festival and they hope that they can have a New Year with all new things.

This is the 2ND time , I'm participating in the " Chinese New Year Lights Up" event held in Chinatown , Singapore.

Illustrations will be projected on the building of Hotel 81…