Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vote for Pandas

08 was a pretty good year for me. I would said it's more like a "Dream come true" Year as I did things which I never expected I would had done, such as Adobe CS 4 Release, involving in Exhibition in Asia countries (such as China and Taiwan) and most of all had couple of designs printed on tee in renowned site.

I guessed I had achieved my 08 resolutions by bringing more good artworks and designs to you whom like it.
Of coz I know I couldn't had done it without the many supports and votes from the folks here which is you, you and you. Yes you too. Thanks a million.

New Year Resolution for this 2009

1) Most important will be doing more exercise & keeping fit, I find myself getting fatter and fatter each day. Haha. For the past 35040 hours, I spent 60% of the times which is 21024 hours sitting in front of this screen, drawing and drawing and without doing much exercise except for my hands and brain. Hope I can really do something about this. I guess most artist and designer have to do something about it … lol

2) To get more designs printed on Tee I guess..

3)More Collaboration work ( Especially those who are in the waiting list , you know who u are. ha)

09 are going to be a pretty tough year due to recession and I’m already feeling the tension of it. Anyway, here’s just a few resolutions and goals for me to aim (* although I don’t quite follow it most of the times :D)…

Resubmitted my panda design in Uneetee (* Register if you had not)

Uneetee <--Panda Revolution V

Do give your votes and comments for the Revolution. :lol:
Oh and A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 TO YOU ~!!!! Thanks

Currently creating Panda Revolution VI...

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