Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bushi Gakki


Legend tells of Young brave "Bushi" who fought against the "King of Tiger" in the blossom "Sakura valley".

* Inspired from the story of "Wu song" ,a hero in the "Water Margin", famous for his slaying of a tiger with bare hands.

combines Japanese Bushi and Punk Rock & Roll style.He was borne in a serious Bushi's family, but he is so mischievous & untamable. He was educated in the spirit of Bushido, but is in a fever of Rock & Roll music. Gakki went far away from home to shape his Kendo skill in order to not disappoint his father. Also he didn't give up his dream in the beginning - Rock & Roll music.

* Bushi Gakki Toy

Now the toy is up for sale in the exhibition & website in Taiwan. Do give them your supports.

*Photo from the Exhibition


Exhibition date / Place:
From December 20th, 2008 to January 4rd, 2009.
At Shihlin Citizen Hall No.75, Dadong Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei.
Toll free at 9:00 to 21:00 on Monday to Sunday (break: 12:00 to 14:00、17:00 to 18:00)

Participating Artists Include:
ABON (TW) + BEN (TW) + capcomkai (TW) + DARK (TW) + HIME+YOU (JP) + HYDE (TW) + Jason Rabbit (TW) + Joise (TW) + JUBI (TW) + Kenji (MY) + kwan (MY) + Michael Chuah (MY) + MUTA (TW) + san (HK) + Spawnmax (TW) + Tank (TW) + Toru (JP) + UAMOU高木玲子(JP) + xiaobaosg(SP) + 大貓風子 (TW) + 不二良 (TW) + 奶油隊長 (TW) + 布丁 (TW) + 阿建 (TW)阿寬 (TW) + 般若鬼 (TW) + 氫酸鉀 (TW) + 端木哀 (TW) + 薛暴 (TW).

Bushi Gakki Original character by JUBI(TAIWAN)


rocketRefund said...

Wow this looks great! (excellent frame too!)

It's a good story as well. Thanks for sharing.

xiaobaosg said...

Welcome rocketRefund.