Friday, December 05, 2008

Adobe Magic Paintbrush

Adobe Magic Paintbrush

Adobe Magic Paintbrush

I did this illustration and a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS 4 a few months ago
and it's up for download now. This is the first time I'm using AI to make illustration
so it might look stiff and .... you know what i mean. Ha~!

Anyway , It really an honor for an amateur illustrator like me to involve in project by
the "Godfather of Design industry", Adobe and be the first few to trial out the program. Really have lots of fun. :D

You can go to to download different tutorials by various artists.

or go to --How to of Magic paintbrush



by sayasuka said...

that awesome...i' respect you.

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks :D

Elvis aka Molinlin said...

xiaobao, u did a nice dragon~~~

dendoo said...

oooohhh i want to learn from the master! can't wait to learn some new tricks, and congrats on your tutorial!

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks dendoo. :D

Jamal O said...

I'm a sucker for good design.
great color choices!
very nice illustration.