Thursday, November 13, 2008

Project United Kranes

*Backdated post.

Continue from the previous post, United Kranes.
Here's some drawing & characters design from the project which i did not post previously.

The shoes

It was very kind of them to send me a pair of shoes from their new series, all the way from US.
(^ ^) b Sweet~!

Actually, I received it a months plus ago but was only free to post it up today. As I was busy helping out a friend on a children educational book that had took months for completion due to unforeseen circumstances. ( ~ ~!)p
Anyway , the project is somewhat completed (* I hope so) and yup I hope I had time to do more personal works soon ..

Other than that, some of the guys was asking me about the artwork and tutorial which I did for Adobe Illustrator CS 4. It won't be shown in the site I guess; most probably it will be included in the program. :D

A good news is I won another Tee contest~ Yay!
As usual, I was told not to tell anyone about it so until then I keep you guys’ update on this blog.

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