Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind

"In the future, the world we used to know had already gone with the wind and different from what we see today. Humans have caused Great illness to the Mother Earth, making the world a desolate place. "

Invited to participate in an Animé book project "a day in the Life of Neo New York" by Freestyle collective, and IdN . (Actual art exhibition of works TBD 2009.)

This project pays homage to the influence and style of Japanese animation and artists had to interpret, through their medium of choice, what a day in the Life of Neo New York would be like in the future.

I had tried to make this more anime style illustration , hopefully i had achieved that feel. And yes , I'm sucked in doing illustration like this so problems like lighting and perspective error can be easily spotted. ^__^!



bubblefriends said...

Really great! Keep on creating such amazing artworks!

xiaobaosg said...

Thanks bubble :D