Wednesday, October 15, 2008



The Wild band 2


This is the 2nd version of wild band , i had made some changes on it.

Running design in DBH. Do give me your vote/comment if you like it. ^__^ thanks

Here’s the link <---

Like Father Like Son

Inspired by Austin Powers

"My father is evil and he want me take over the world"

Every Father wants their child to be the best in the world , same applied to Dr Evil. <---

Fairy tail <---

Kistune V2 <---

& in Uneetee

when the dogs combines.

Vote here.... <---

Supposed to submit Fairytail and Dogmation to Lafraise but they had been rejecting my designs lately because they said it was "inappropriate" for a t-shirt design. q( ~ ~!)p Well~ That's ok.


dendoo said...

hi hi! i was hoping you could answer a question for me. first off i follow your blog like mad crazy and i really respect your work and your skills, that being said i was wondering why don't you have a website? it's something i've always wondered.

you can answer the question on my blog or here. i'll check back later if i dont see one on my blog. thanks for answering and sweet tee designs!

dendoo said...

thanks for answering my question. lol i'm always curious about things. your english was great too!

xiaobaosg said...

Welcome dendoo. :D