Monday, September 15, 2008

xiaobaosg LOVES Drawing

- Sketch

- Ink with Sakura Pigma Micron 0.1 & 0.3
- Scan in and then clean up with Photoshop using Tablet

Below it's the coloring process...




4. Final design

Fade away Tesign

Threadless LOVES Drawing
Above it's just a simple brief through on the process of Fade away using mixed media.

The other day, i finally found the DVD of "Dragon The Bruce Lee story by Jason Scott lee ( 1993)" in my local store which i been searching for very long and best of all ,they are having closing down sale ( haha).

I remember watching it during school days and i supposed Bruce lee said this before, " They are afraid because they do not know the beauty of the cultural ( Chinese cultural). Someone need to show them that."

I know this is not the regular type of design you often see in Threadless. No, I'm not trying to be special and i know probably it going to lose ( big time) , but i felt i should do something oriental sometime and perhaps show or share with you the beauty of cultural .

*sept 17th
Design up for voting. Do give me your votes & comments if you like it.

Fade away - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
* Poem by Lee Bai

Fade away Wallpaper

Wallpaper : Download

*This design was pretty much inspired by a HK movie " A chinese ghost story."

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