Sunday, September 28, 2008

Destroy III

Destroy III

Destroy III ( "破壊3"or "ぶっ壊せ3!)

Heavenly Cyborg , a robot character inspired by japan and Chinese cultural from one of my personal work .
(* Japanese word in the balloon mean tear up or rip)



Destroy II

Destroy I & II "(above)

Heavenly Cyborg was created in 2006 and they made their first debut ( lol) in Chapter Four of M0saic Monkey :Knocking on the heaven's door part 1.

"The robot was made of burning incense ( the 2 long tube behind that why the smoke on top of it) , some craving in chinese/japan cultural , altars (shape of the body) , Chinese opera ( the painting on their face) & armor from Chinese warrior."

Later in 2007 , New Heavenly Cyborg Alpha was created as the main role in another side story of Mosaic Monkey: Destroy whereby his mission was to destroy Mobile Kong Zeta , a robot drove by mosaic monkey.

So far , the illustration of the series "Destroy" had been featured in magazine , sold as a tee and will be exhibited in an exhibition soon.

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