Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DBH 10K Submission

Koi Within

Koi Within

Koi Within

Experimental with watercolor . Wrap around design , hope you guys like it,

Submission for DBH 10k. Do give me your vote if you like it. Thanks. :D

If you noticed Fish had always been a subject, theme or background item for my design. I love fish quite a lot, love their daily routine (swim around, eat to rest or rest to eat lol) and carefree life. I do keep some at home, sometime I just sit down and watch them swim around in that pathetic fish tank when there's not much works.

Probably because by drawing fish and including them in my design had brought your attention to me. My first freelance, first won in threadless, first time exhibited in Art gallery and etc. There’s fish.

Guess fish is my lucky charm. :D

Green Tiger

Panthera tigris
Collaboration with sloth

Green Tiger , the female samurai warrior of the West~

Do give us your vote as well. Thanks.


Alina Chau said...

beautiful designs!

umbrella head said...

i absolutely love your fish, they are beautiful! i think the paint splats and the colouring work brilliantly sort of doing their own thing within the outline.

i think i may have to try something similar myself, i'll make sure i link you the results :) great work

David Cousens said...

Love the green tiger image! The girl's hair is excellent!

ill. said...

the koi are really cool (: i love fishes too. and the rest of your artwork is gorgeuos

SÉARLAIT said...

I love your work very much!
: )

Juan said...

Very nice work. Wonderful!

Josh (musarter) said...

Both designs are awesome. Your t-shirt design work puts mine to shame. Very nice work.


xiaobaosg said...

Thanks everyone. Glad you guys like it.