Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wow It's a ship revamped

Wow It's a ship outline

Wow It's a ship revamped

Wow It's a ship revamped

Yes, the revamped of the smoky owl and the foggy ship.
Re-work this design in illustrator*

I have been reworking some old designs in illustrator lately. Quite fun.

Do give me your vote if you like it. Yea~

*the model is cool , thanks Anna for the photo

The Wild band WIP

The Wild Band X

The Wild Band
Running Sub in Lafraise


Do give me your vote, click preorder if you like it :D

Ripped off
Someone emailed me that 2 of my Panda Revolution was ripped off and submitted to Shirtwoot.com sometimes ago (* i just got to know that). Well anyway he got "busted" .

<-- Read page 24 & 25 from the forum link . So far the first "PR design" that i submitted to tee competition is "Panda revolution V" and it was submitted to "Lafraise".

If you really like Panda Revolution. Please vote for the original design .

Click "preorder" from the score bar in Lafraise if you like it.

Vote here

And for you who think that no one know you ripped off a design . Again i need to tell you, you definitely wrong. There's eyes around...

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