Sunday, July 27, 2008



when the dogs combines.

Yes , another sub in Threadless. Do vote yea :D

do(G)mination - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Hunt for the red moon X

Hunt for Red Moon X WIP

Hunt for the Red moon X

Based on the myths and legends of lunar/moon eclipse from different countries. Animals and monsters from that had eaten the moon and caused the eclipse.

Revamped in illustrator.
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July had to be my "most free" months as there isn't much freelance works going on. That's why i had more times to do some tee design & a few personal works. ha

Anyway, i still have a couple of completed designs and will be posting them soon. (*3 new and 1 revamped in Illustrator.) Whether is it done for the sake of winning or for the sake of practising, it been fun working out all this designs . I hope to work out a few more before my new job come in, in Mid August.

and do watch this space for

AICS4 X xiaobaosg .....coming soon.

Till then , thanks again for your votes and do continue to vote for me. :D

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