Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cat & birds

Red Samurai Cat

Red Samurai Cat

Kurenai Neko,
A Samurai warrior, well known as the "Red samurai cat" during the Sengoku era. ( inspired by Sanada Yukimura from Samurai Warrior by Koei)

* Rejected artwork remade into Neko series.

Vain Jackdaw (revamped)

Vain Jackdaw (revamped)
Revamped and submitted to Lafraise.
Do give me your vote :D

Vain Jackdaw Revamped

Beside that, the first “Panda Revolution” sub "The Panda's Ride " did not make it into Lafraise although with the warm welcome by many.

Also to my surprise, I didn't know there are actually peoples following and blogging about this personal works of mine. Thanks, I really appreciated the supports and votes.

Maybe I will re-submit it to somewhere else if you guys like it?
Until then , thanks again for your votes and supports.

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