Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tee design 6

Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son
Inspired by Austin Powers
"My father is evil and he want me take over the world"

Every Father wants their child to be the best in the world , same applied to Dr Evil.

*For the Father's , Happy Father's Day.

Snow Queen

For larger view :

From one of Andersen's longest fairytale

Snow Queen, who travels throughout the world with the snow.

This is the third design i did last week and the longest times i took to completion ( around 1 weeks). The design was meant to be a wrapped over in Tee, original size is around 38 inch in width.

Capture the colors of Life

Capture the colors of life
Inspired by the song " True colors."

I see you’re true colors shinning through I see your true colors and that why I love you.

Running design in DBH.

Here's a few "working in progress" designs , probably i will be posting 1 every weeks? So even during busy schedule , you can see something from me.

All this is not my usual style , just trying out something different.

Do give me your vote .

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