Monday, June 16, 2008

Shogun Cat

Shogun Cat

( Sketch done using Flash)
Shogun Cat

Neko wakamaru , Ancestor of Nine Swords Cat & urban cat .........

His a Shogun ( a General in military rank and historical title in Japan ) during the Heian period and had fought in many wars.. :D

Done in a Ukiyo-e style.

*Making the illustration wasn't the most difficult part , the most difficult part is to name the cat in Japanese and writing the short story. Hehe.

Lately, i have been crazily obsessed to create design for tee. It almost like every 1-2 days ( there's 1 that took almost a week) i will make a design. Just feel that I'm not so good in designing in tee so yea for practice purposes and of course to participate for the competition in Threadless ( [link]) or DBH ([link]) to win some green (^0^) .

I will be uploading them to the competition soon so if you reading this right now. Stay tune and do vote for me if you like it.


Ivan Chew said...

I like the aged paper effect that you seem to adopt for most of your designs. Nice touch.

xiaobaosg 小宝 said...

Hehe , thanks ivan.