Friday, May 30, 2008

Designing with Illustrator

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea
*Remake from the design "Spider Flu ( the octopus)" and "Jack and the beanstalk ( the ship)".

Kraken, the terrible sea monster of "Davy Jones" had been summoned to send the "Pearl" to a watery grave.

Do help to vote for my design in Threadless. Thanks in advance.

I have been busy reading and learning Illustrator through the numerous tutorials online since a months plus ago as I have been invited to create an illustration and a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS4 release. . Hey~ That's the first complete design.

More or less, the illustration and tutorial is pretty much done, thought I feel that the tutorial was quite badly written due to my poor English. Ha~ Anyway remember to check out the newest Illustrator soon. :D

Special Thanks to
Antz , Banes and Shawn for the advises .


dendoo said...

wow that's really cool that you get to do an illustration and tutorial for the release. good job too with your illustrator works. i like doing my work in illustrator but it's good to mix it up a bit. illustrator is my baby though.

Marie D said...

Lovely illustrations!! Love how you bring a chinese flavour into ur art!
I'm a fan..