Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hunt for the Red Moon

Hunt for the Red moon
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Hunt for the Red Moon
Based on the myths and legends of lunar/moon eclipse from different countries and a discussion we had earlier at my da [link] .

In Norse mythology "Hati" a wolf was believed to swallow the Moon.

In Central American, the Mayan believe that the Jaguars had eaten the moon.

In Philippines, they believe that a gigantic sea serpent by the name of "Bakunawa" had eaten the moon ;

Chinese believe that "Heavenly Dog" had eaten the moon, and
Frog from Laos.

There are more Animals and monsters from myth and legends that had eaten the moon and causes the eclipse. Here's just a few.

(*At the very beginning , i wanted to name the title as " Who ate the moon" which is somewhat common and dull( ha) . Later on , i did more research and realised that during lunar eclipse , the moon will be red in colors and yes , the title was also inspired by Hunt for the Red October . I find that it will be cool if i can use the words " Hunt for the red" since the animals are mostly described as a hunter to the moon that's how i got the title. Hunt for the Red Moon )

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