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Limited Edition framed art prints & boxed printed canvas of contemporary artists from around the World. Championing new styles like Street Art, Digital Art, Urban Art, Illustration, Graffiti, alongside more traditional fine artists. An alternative collection of new art that is big, bold and glorious and ready for your home. Are you ready to find the next Banksy or Damien Hirst?

Currently, they are exhibiting & selling Boxed Canvas and Limited Edition framed art prints from these innovative contemporary artist ; Nik Ainley, Lucy Allen, Rachel Allsop, Morten Andersen, Eugene Artsebasov, Adhemas Batista, Jamie Carter, William Chua, Chuck U, Si Clark, Liz Clements, Dist, Tim Drake, Drawcaliber, Neil Duerden, Ede, Fran, Foon, Geraldine Georges, Susan Graham, Mike Harrison, Ben Hewitt, Olly Howe, Huebucket, Alys Jones, Vicky Jones, Simon Kenworthy, Magnus Kjall, Yee Ting Kuit, Ku u be, Daniel Hyun Lim, David Mascha, Mazakii, Guy McKinley, Chris Miller, Miss Lotion, Mistershrew, Perttu Murto, Mopa, Neryl, Pawel Nolbert, Peter Nowacki, RA 909, Rubens LP, Alberto Seveso, Sheesh, Cristiano Siqueira, Sumeco, Rourke Van Dal, Jamie Wengradt, Dawn Williams, Women158, Jonathan Wong and Wooper.

Do remember to drop by and pick a piece of artwork from the store today.

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Year of Rabbit ( Director Cut)

 Week 4:
兔气扬眉 / Year of Rabbit ( Director's cut)

This is not your usual kind of greeting card. (  ^ q ^!) ~ giggle*

The fat baby boy is grabbing the breath ( Tu Qi Yang Mei) and blood out of the rabbit , its a good symbol so he thought and the poor rabbit surrender the control to life. 
I haven't been drawing the chubby baby boy for a long long time so i thought maybe i created one for this year. Something different.

Anyway, here i wish everyone "恭喜发财, 年年有鱼 & 兔年行大運!"

for other chubby boy

**Explanation/ 解释: 1)Wording in the drawing mean "feel proud and happy or feel proud and elated." 2)The color of Red ( blood) in Chinese culture usually means good luck so like the red packet which is given in the Chinese New Year, is just a symbol of good luck~
I'm trying my best to post a design or a illustration very week. Fac…

Ninja Spinjitzu

Kazama Hideo Densetsu Tale 20 : Ninja Spinjitzu

Inspired by Lego's Ninjago Movie .

PikKoro Kumaneko Ousama

Kumaneko Ousama 9: PikKoro Kumaneko Ousama 🐼

Another rework from 2015.

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