Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Dedicated to the world of indoor sports
"United Kranes is dedicated to introduce high performance and style to the world of indoor sports."
"United Kranes's cause of making technologies that are tailored for indoor sports"


At United Kranes, coming from the background of sports
and artistic community, it is their passion and belief to give back the support.
To maintain close ties to many young artists in music, art and creative fields
who reflect the same youthful, innovative energy as their company. United Kranes
are proud to represent the creative community and provide a platform for artists
to show their work and tell their stories

This season started off with Xbsg . ( ^0^) Wooha!

XBSG was really honoured to be doing posters for their event and becoming one of the artist residential in United Kranes among the good artists in this industry. d( ^o^)b

Coming up next , the "Battle Arena " , event whereby "Players battle and challenge against each other in the Battle Arena." And don't forget to check out their collection too , especially one of Xbsg favourite , Se7en series.

Check it out now~!!

--- To contact---
United Kranes
919D Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach , CA 90266

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