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Yakuza Momotaro

{ the tattoo , look kinda of weird coz i don't how to draw a yakuza tattoo . Hehe}

Yakuza Momotaro
According to tales , Momotaro( 桃太郎 ) came to Earth inside a giant peach and years later, left his parents for an island called Onigashima to destroy the marauding oni. That's what the tales said...

What if he was born as a Yakuza (ヤクザ or やくざ ) , and grow up as a oni (demon or orges)...

Here's a twisted version , inspired by Monkeycrapshit.

Goddess of creation

A new creation based on a old design

Yes, hehe. Do help me to vote for it.

Thanks in advance

Destroy II

Mobile Kong Zeta VS New Heavenly Cyborg Alpha , the ultimate fight ....(*edited version)


Mosaic Monkey, The Journey Season 2 Finale::05 Touch by Angel ::
(inspired by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni , the Creation of adam)

MM was told by Mr B that XXX years later , someone will released him from Middle Finger Hill..
One night , MM have a special dream that he was touched by an angel....


Might be continued.......

Masked Samurai Return

Masked Samurai Return

A newly re-drawn Masked Samurai with a concept logo design.
The return of a extremes warrior....... :P
( Hope I didn't over do it. He~ )

Do check out the running design on designsbyhuman and help me to vote for it.

*Just when I thought I had a hell of times trying to get a full time job, the freelances just got better.
After I started to create tee-design for submission in Designsbyhuman lately, just to win cash for that awesome Revelations tee by Jimiyo(Called me cheapskate, ha). I find myself getting laid on more freelances on tee shirt design. Great

Hmmm, maybe I should go for more cute or smart design next time because i had never win once before , boo.

Panda Revolution

Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era. :D

Trapped in

Mosaic Monkey, The Journey Season 2
::04 Middle Finger Hill::

Yes , Poor Mosaic Monkey was trapped inside Middle Finger Hill by Mr. B . He was almost crazy for he need to serve his punishment for XXX Years.

* Mindless , did this directly with a tablet. Look kinda of crappy . Haha

Carry on......

Beginning of a new month , job hunting is still going on .......
Just make me wonder if i should carry on with this lines....

Had did a few freelances project last month and yes , at the moment , i would keep things low until the project officially launched.

Here's a interview by Richard box from


Catalogue from 115 Art gallery Exhibition in Romania. Alots of cool illustrations inside . Nice

And a CD i got from Magnolius today .