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Year of the Pig

Chinese new year (Year of the Pig) is just around the corner. This year, for the first time, I will be participating in the " Chinese New Year Lights Up" event held in Chinatown, Singapore. And I will be doing 3 illustrations for the event. As seen below

Blooming flower greet fortune
Done with references .
Reference of the chubby baby from those old chinese calendar

The fish and the lotus flowers in this illustration mean abundance year after year.

Lion Dance , the last illustration.
*The colours and the size of the 3 illustrations that i had posted will be totally different from the actual one.

The illustrations will be projected onto the building of People Park Centre and Hotel 81 from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am . 30 over artworks from various artists/designers/illustrator will be projected on the building at the rate of 15 sec per illustration??

ExodiumTec (the company for the event and projector , and also the company who have assigned me for the illustration :D Thanks )


Featured in coroflot

<------ ( ^ ^) I was featured at corofolt on the 9th. That's cool , i just joined this site recently ( 3 days ago ??). A small approach for my new resolution 3)Get more exposures .Thanks for liking my works~!!

About corofolt
Coroflot is a career and community site for creative professionals.Coroflot hosts individual creative portfolios and a database of job and project openings. The thriving community that visits the site daily represents a cross-section of the global design industry-working designers, design managers,internal and external hiring professionals, business managers of design firms,marketing and product management professionals, students, and educators. The site covers cross-discipline design, with Industrial Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design the three most popular categories. The audience returns daily to monitor the ever changing array of content, and uses a variety of tools and resources found at the site to help them in their careers.

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Shanghai Bun 2

Shanghai vintage poster 2~ Shanghai bun.
Sweetness in my heart ( Chinese New Year edition)

Healthy and longevity guarantee
* Bat in chinese symbols represent longevity.(Done with lotsa of references)
*In Chinese symbolism, red(if) is the color of good luck.

Click here for more Chinese New Year illustration (a project done for CNY event at Chinatown , Singapore).


REACH+ :Reach, Graf artist from Taiwan, is inviting 1000 artists / designers to participate to customize blank "FU" sticker. Check out the project here : REACH+

The Journey

Mosaic Monkey : The Journey
Mosaic Monkey: The Journey Beginning soon...

New Year Resolution for this 2007
1) Get a full time job (hopefully art/design related, although is kind of hard for me to get one)
2) Get more commercial or commission works (Contact me if such a need arises)
3) Get more exposures (On the process of doing it)
a) Do collaboration artworks with more artists/designers/illustrators
4) Get a certificate, if possible (any software’s or art/design related) and
5) Get a life. Haha